In this article, we will discuss how to use ATS Carbon Clean’s Engine Oil and Fuel Pour-In Treatments. Each pour-in treatment can be used as a preventive maintenance step or to remedy an issue caused by fuel system carbon buildup or carbon buildup, sludge in the engine oiling system. These treatments are NOT your ordinary auto part store chemicals. They are an engine safe, specially blended chemicals, made for professionals and available to the general public. Our pour-in treatments are available online only in the US and Canada.

505 CRF Fuel System Treatment Pour-In

When mixed with fuel, 505 CRF prevents injector tip deposits from forming. It also cleans off existing carbon from those tips. Once you have this solvent circulating in the engine, it keeps sludgy oil deposits and coke from forming on intake valve heads as well. Therefore the pour-in additive is recommended for both port-injection and direct injection engines, as well as the current dual-injector engine designs.

How To Use 505CRF:

To use 505 CRF, simply pour it into your fuel tank.

It is most effective when fuel level is between ½- ¼ tank.

You can use it often as you want, for example at every fill-up. Or during recommended oil change intervals for your vehicle.

ATS Carbon Cleans 505 CRF chemical mixture is proven to remove carbon from; fuel injectors, induction ports, induction valves, and combustion chambers. Carbon deposits on the injectors can cause drivability problems and poor fuel mileage.

505CRO Oil System Cleaner Pour-In

To care for the internal parts of your engine properly and reduce wear and tear as well as carbon and sludge buildup, we recommend you follow the more aggressive oil change intervals mentioned in this article (link). In addition, we recommend periodic use of an engine sludge cleaner, 505CRO.

ATS Carbon Clean’s advanced pour-in oil treatment breaks down carbon deposits and sludge from lubricated engine components in gasoline and diesel engines. This product cleans carbon deposits from the engine and reduces problems. Simply pour ATS Oil System Cleaner 505CRO into the crankcase prior to changing the oil, then run the engine for the prescribed time. Carbon is broken down and suspended in the oil and removed when the engine oil is drained.

505CRO can be used in gasoline and diesel engines during regular maintenance or to break up sludge or carbon inside your engine lubrication system. We suggest using it at every other oil change for regular maintenance situations, (every other 3-5k mile service).

How To Use 505CRO:

Few items to note:

-No matter the oil capacity of your engine, one bottle of 505CRO is needed per service. For example, and engine with an oil capacity of 5 quarts and an engine with an oil capacity of 10 quarts each use one bottle of 505CRO.

-505CRO does not dilute the oil, it is a cleaning additive that improves your engine oil.

-Do not drive the vehicle once the treatment has been added to the engine. It is designed to be used at idle.

-Add 505CRO to your engine crankcase by pouring into the engine oil fill.

For regular maintenance; Idle the engine for 15 – 20 minutes

For repairs: Idle engine for 40 minutes, no more than 45 minutes.

-Raise engine RPM to 2500 – 3000 for short periods of time during the treatment cycle.

-Drain engine oil.

-Replace engine oil filter and refill engine oil with new.

ATS 505CRO Oil System Cleaner increases engine performance while reducing engine oil consumption all within a 5-15 minute cleaning. It improves oil viscosity and reduces carbon sludge buildup.