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3C Cleanings with Valvetronic in BMW and MINI models

Valvetronic, or variable intake valve lift, is an intake system developed by BMW. In this system, the throttle flap is no longer used to control airflow, though it is fitted as an emergency back-up. Instead of the flap, intake valve lift is varied using a secondary eccentric shaft and intermediate rocker arms. Eccentric shaft position is controlled by a stepper motor which is in turn controlled by the engine control module (ECM). Driver input, engine load, operating temperature and other variables are all inputs to the DME. This system improves cold starts and lowers exhaust emissions. It also provides smoother and more immediate power delivery.

The first use of Valvetronic in BMW production models was in the 2001 316ti, this vehicle was not available for purchase in the US.

The 2003 E60 5 Series 2004 introduced the N62 V-8 engine with Valvetronic. N62 with Valvetronic was also in X5 models with 4.8 liter engine. The N63TU also had Valvetronic.

Similarly, the 2004 E65 7 Series introduced the N73 V-12 engine with Valvetronic.

Beginning in 2006, N51 and N52 6-cylinder engines equipped with Valvetronic were fitted in E60 (5 Series) and E90 (3 Series) models. Turbocharged models (in the previously mentioned models) with N54 engine did not get Valvetronic technology.

With the F-Chassis models came the N20 and N55 engines. Both equipped with Valvetronic. From this point forward, all gasoline powered BMWs sold in the US are equipped with Valvetronic.

When it comes to MINI vehicles, Valvetronic was first seen in R56 (R57) models in in 2007 in the normally-aspirated N12 engine. Then, in 2011 both the turbocharged (N18) and normally-aspirated (N16) engines, came equipped with Valvetronic. Going forward all gasoline MINI models are equipped with Valvetronic (B20 engine for example).

Valvetronic engines are designed to reduce throttle suction loss, doing so increases fuel economy and in turn, reduces intake manifold ported vacuum. To achieve sufficient vacuum in the intake to perform a carbon cleaning, you will have to disconnect the electrical connector for the Valvetronic servo-motor. With the engine OFF and the key removed from the vehicle, disconnect the electrical connector. Then perform the carbon cleaning. Install connector when completed and clear fault codes.

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