2-Pack Fuel & Oil Pour In Treatments


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A 2-pack of both of our pour-in treatments


1 bottle of 505CRO™ Oil System Treatment 

1 bottle of 505CRF™ Fuel System Treatment

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2-Pack Pour in treatments includes (1) 505CRF™ Fuel System Treatment and (1) 505CRO™ Oil System Treatment.

Recommended for routine maintenance as well as heavy carbon build-up vehicles.

Safe for all petrol and diesel passenger vehicles.

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Note: Not recommended for use on motorcycles.

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23 reviews for 2-Pack Fuel & Oil Pour In Treatments

  1. AL (verified owner)


  2. Ernest (verified owner)

    I recently saw a short video on YouTube by Scotty Kilmer, he added the ATS 505 CRO Engine Oil Treatment to a 2008 VW Golf GTI with a very noisy turbo charged gen 2 2.0ltr engine with over 100,000 miles and the engine noise reduction that was achieved after using it just once was truly amazing. I have a 2014 VW Jetta SE with a turbo charged gen 3 1.8ltr that had just over 80,000 miles and it was a very noisy engine as well so I gave the 505 CRO and the 505 CRF a try and not only did I have similar results with reduced engine noise but I also had a very noticeable increase in horse power and I went from getting an average of 27mpg on the fwy to a very consistent 31mpg. I have drove 2,500 miles since using both products and my engine is still running quite and strong and I am still getting 31mpg on my frequent trips from Arizona to California and back. I am going to use the 505 CRF every 2,500 miles and the 505 CRO for my next oil change and then every other oil change as they suggest because now I know this stuff really does work. Thank you ATS, I couldn’t be more impressed with these results. It’s great to use a simple pour in treatment like this that not only actually works, but works this well.

  3. John Jacobs

    I am subscribed Scotty Kilmer on YouTube and follow his advice. I purchased your oil cleaner for my 2000 Silverado 1500 with 123,000 miles because it was having some lifter noise on startup of a cold engine. I followed your instructions and it not only stopped the lifter noise but increased my idle speed by 1000 rpm when cleaning whit the accelerator blocked at 2500 rpm.. It has subsequently run smoother and I’m getting an additional 2 miles per gallon in city driving. I was amazed at the results because I have religiously changed oil and filter at no more than 7,000 miles with Mobile 1 synthetic since I purchased the truck 13 years ago. I waited until after I did the oil and ran for 1,000 miles to try the gas cleaner for injectors. That showed a smoother running engine and 2 miles per gallon increase for the last 1,000 miles. I’m ordering again for my 1999 Toyota Camry and my 2010 Buick Lesabre.

  4. Marc

    Seemed to work very well, Don’t know how much it helps with injectors, I never pulled mine out to check.. I did notice a lot of carbon coming out with the oil from the crank case cleaner though.. That I can say truly works, I saw the amount of carbon that came out when I drained the oil, I should have tried to run it through a coffee filer or some kind of filer and made a video to show the carbon flakes that came out.. I do recommend using the kit of the fuel cleaner and oil cleaner.. Also you may want to use a cheap oil filter and oil for a first drain, and then do it again 300/500 miles later with your choice of filter and oil because even after you do the first oil change it continues to clean and have carbon break away, so to get the rest out if you have the money I would change the oil again after a couple weeks of driving around.. I used it on my DI Turbo 2011 Nissan Juke SL AWD.. I know this company sells the machines to do valves for the Volkswagens, But I am yet to find anyone willing to do the valves on my Nissan Juke, So I do 2 STP Pro series Valve cleaner’s in a row after using this stuff, to help with the carbon on my valves.. Hope ATS makes something similar to the ATS Pro Series Valve cleaner soon..

  5. Maurice

    I have an 06 Chrysler SRT8 with 165k..I have had years of stalling engine shut off etc.. The dealer has replace fuel tank under warranty three times.. Scotty mention your fuel cleaner product..So far it has worked..Runs and sounds smooth and powerful…No stalling so far sounds and performance is enhanced.. Thank you Neal for a great product..

  6. Ryan H (verified owner)

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord V6 with 161000 miles and prior had been using BG EPR to clean the engine. I saw the ATS product online and decided to give it a shot. What came out of the engine was absolutely astonishing, dark black oil and even light brown sludge toward the end. I’m not sure what these guys are using but it’s a miracle product and worth every penny. The master mechanic that has been doing work on the car could not believe how well the engine sounds for this old of a car.

  7. andre

    Hi I just saw Scotty talking about your product and I think you need to take him for a margarita or two lol . Question for you, I just changed my oil and put in a full synthetic, should this be added to my new clean oil or should I wait till I’m ready to change it again before adding???

  8. C L Huddleston

    2016 Kia Sorento 290 HP six with 110,000 miles. Ordered after seeing Scotty’s review. It works. Quieted engine at startup and has almost eliminated oil consumption. Now trying to order for our 2008 Sonata 2.0T.

  9. Bill

    Let me know when you restock the oil/fuel treatments.

  10. Ian

    Please let me know when restocked with both products. Thanks, Ian

  11. Casey (verified owner)

    I saw Scotty Kilmer’s review on it and bought some for my old 1989 Volvo 760 wagon with 143k miles on it. This product is amazing, the engine running at 2k RPM’S would cause a strange vibration and it went away, fuel mileage increased almost 20 miles on a full tank and my old battle wagon ran amazingly well after using this.

  12. John

    Trusting Scotty’s view

  13. paul p.

    this stuff is VERY good! however, does it contain PEA if not it needs to be added plus when you add the “505cro it said for reg maint IDLE FOR 15-20 MINS MEAN OF 750 RPM OR ? before 2500-3000 rpm. when adding the gas treat how many times you add like every gas fill
    up until satisfied.

  14. Kurt (verified owner)

    I don’t usually do reviews But I found this product to be amazing. I too found this through Scotty. I have a 2011 acura MDX that notoriously burn oil right after purchase. I have a 130000 miles on it and it would burn 2 quarts every 6,000 miles. I used the oil and the gas products. My engine was quieter, stronger, better gas mileage and it STOPED burning oil for the first time since I’ve owned it. Great job guys. I’ve already bought more.

  15. Gerry Hall

    I’m not a DIY oil changer. Can you recommend a shop in the Lowell Ma/Nashua NH area which will take the time to do a proper job using your additive with an oil change?

    If not, can I put a treatment in my car, run it for the recommended time just before I take it into the Toyota Dealer for an oil change without worrying about the engine cooling down before a technician gets to it? Is the time between the “revering it” and the actual “changing it” critical?

    Would love to try your product. Looking forward to your reply.

    • Carbon Clean

      Hi. Give Patriot Automotive in Dracut, Ma a call. They should be able to help.

  16. Eric

    2012 Chevy Equinox 2.4L, 158K miles. It burns oil at about 1qt per 1K miles. I installed an oil catch can a few years ago and it seemed to stabilize the oil burn rate as it hasn’t gotten worse. GMs fix is to replace pistons and rings, but we’re way out of the TSB mileage range. I saw Scotty’s video on ATS cleaner, and thought I’d give it a shot before spending the cash on replacing pistons and rings. I used the fuel cleaner first, and ran through an entire tank. I use a GDI cleaning kit before every oil change, so I did that, and changed the oil and filter. Then, the same day, I used the ATS oil cleaner as directed, and changed the oil and filter again. So the oil I drained out of the engine after the ATS cleaner was added was only in the car for the ATS cleaning…that brand new oil came out black like it had been in there for months. The brand new oil filter also came out black. The engine has a gear driven high pressure fuel pump that is pretty noisy…not anymore. We’ve only put 500 miles on it, but the oil is as clean as the day I put it in, and it doesn’t appear to be burning any oil! Usually at 500 miles it would already be down 1/2 qt! Maybe I won’t have to change the pistons and rings after all! Thanks ATS!!!! …and Scotty!!

  17. Bill Coulter

    Added the cro engine cleaner, ran it for 20 minutes and drained the oil. Engine noticeably quieter. Added the gas treatment and now the car gets 26.5 mph when it would barely get 24 mph previously.

  18. Jim (verified owner)

    If you have any doubts if the CRO oil treatment works, don’t. I poured a bottle into my wife’s ’04 DIscovery, ran the motor at about 1800 RPMs for about 20 minutes. What came out of the drain plug looked (and smelled) like liquified coal. I could not believe the color of the oil. It was a one year/2000 mile oil change and the oil was totally opaque. I’m going to do another oil change in 6 months and do another treatment, seeing was believing.

    If you order, be patient. It took a few weeks to get my order of 2 sets of treatment, I guess many people are ordering now.

  19. R.J. Betters

    Great products that really work as advertised!!!!!

  20. Chris Deszell (verified owner)

    My car was burning oil, and I used the product for 40 minutes as stated in the directions. Now after changing the oil, the oil burning is gone. I also can notice more power while driving. Thank you for such a great product.

  21. Richard Mason (verified owner)

    I have a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible. I have had it since February of 1980. I have almost 154,000 miles on it. I used to change the oil on my car. Those days are over. When I did change the oil I would drive the car and the new oil got dirty quickly. You could clearly see it on the dipstick. I am a subscriber to Scotty Kilmer on YouTube. I watched the video about the oil treatment used in a 2008 Volkswagen GTI with the noisy turbocharger and over 100,000 miles. I listened to the sound of the engine before and after the oil treatment was used. That convinced me to try it and since Scotty recommends it then I had even more confidence to try it. I had my car worked on by a regular shop in town, NOT a dealer. On my list of things was an oil change using the 505 CRO oil system treatment. I told the mechanic {the owner} to follow the instructions, running the car at high idle for 10 minutes with this product in the old dirty oil. I believe he followed the instructions because when I got the car back I drove about 100 miles before I checked the oil dipstick. I could not believe what I was seeing at first. I could NOT see any oil on the dipstick! The oil was THAT clean! I had to look at the dipstick at a certain angle to see the oil! That has NEVER happened! Also when I would start the car I would hear a tap, tap, tap and after about 20 seconds it would go away. It had been making that noise for years. No it is not a lifter noise. I asked other people and they didn’t know for sure what it was either. Well NOW it does NOT make ANY noise at all! Just the power of a 350 rocket engine! I don’t know what is in that bottle of oil treatment but it is worth EVERY penny I spent on it. It works and that is ALL that matters. I clicked 5 stars for the review. It did not respond to my click on it as far as I know. I thought the stars would “light up”. If I could I would give it MORE than 5 stars. I will be getting some for my daily driver car for it’s next oil change.

  22. Pete Sarenko (verified owner)

    Just placed my order, wish they accepted PayPal!

  23. Yvonne

    Could you recommend a shop in the Los Angeles/Orange County/San Diego area which will take the time to do a proper job using your additive with an oil change?

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