Case of 3C Induction Chemical Treatment


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For use with the 3C Intelligent Induction Cleaner

1 case includes 4 Treatments.

4 cans of each chemical A,B,& C

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1 case includes 4 Treatments.

4 cans of each chemical A,B,& C



19 reviews for Case of 3C Induction Chemical Treatment

  1. David Lang Founder Independent Vehicle Service, 2017 Bosch ASE Master Mechanic of the year. ASE certified Master Technician, with L1, L2, and L3

    Independent Vehicle Service was founded in 1983 and is located in Albuquerque New Mexico. Independent Vehicle Service has 11 service bays with 3 service writers and specializes in Volvo and European vehicles. However we do work on all makes and models for our better customers. Independent Vehicle Service has used all of the industry’s big name induction cleaning chemicals over the years. However all of these chemicals have fallen short of our expectation. We would clean the induction system with these chemicals and the drivability problems were still present, and when we used the borescope to inspect these engines they still had high concentrations of carbon in the induction system. These engines then had to be physically cleaned.

    For the past three years we have been a beta test site for ATS Chemical, Independent Vehicle Service has sent many vehicles over the years for chemical induction system carbon removal. Initially we saw improvements over the disappointing performance of all the industry’s big name products. The intake manifolds, runners and charge valves coming back from ATS Chemical were cleaner than we had seen with the big name brands but the valves and stems where still unsatisfactory. Admittedly we sent them primarily heavily carboned engines. We were not confident that chemical cleaning offered satisfactory results so frequently we would physically clean engines after the chemical treatments. During this last year of beta testing we have witnessed quantum leaps in cleaning efficacy. Now the claustrophobic cave like burrows and tunnels we were sending out returned as the clearly distinguishable valves, stems, and guides of an internal combustion engine. We have borescope imaging proof that chemical induction cleaning is actually a viable repair.

    With today’s complex engine and combustion management systems some amount of our testing is “rule out”. Many times an early step in diagnosing a GDI engine is selling a physical induction service that may cost several hundreds of dollars with the caveat that the service is necessary but may not be the final repair. Now imagine doing a 20-30 minute service with affordable chemistry confident that any carbon related symptom will be resolved. It’s a game changer at the front desk, for the customer and for our technicians.

    Until the advent of GDI the Volvos we worked on never had induction carbon depositing issues. Now these same vehicles with GDI have noticeable carbon build up by 30K miles and we’re seeing that depositing symptomatic as early as 50K. No current GDI engine is immune. Recommending chemical induction cleaning with ATS Chemicals’ proprietary automated three chemical delivery system every 30K miles is a wise servicing for anyone planning on keeping their GDI vehicle beyond 50K miles

  2. Tim Harding, Precision Performance

    I’ve been in the industry for 36 years and used many different manufactures chemicals. The C3 intelligent induction cleaner performs better than advertised every time I’ve used it. Here on the Oregon coast I service a lot of marine as well as automotive applications. I have had several clients bring their boat in for drivability issues after setting over the winter. I use the 505CRF fuel system cleaner to clean the injectors and unstick them, it really works.

    I also use the 3C induction cleaner on all of direct injection engines, including marine. After I have used the 3C CLEANER on their boats, I have had great reviews back from the owners. The 3C system has increased my profits from drivability issues. We have found that cleaning the carbon out of the intake system increases the power output and fixes the drive-ability. I WANT TO THANK ATS AND THERE CREW FOR CONTINUING THERE LEADING EDGE TECHNOLOGY AND PROVIDING EASY TO USE DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT

  3. Paul LeBlanc Pauls Auto Repair, LLC.

    This company continues to amaze us with the best tools on the market. Automotive Test Solutions is on the cutting edge of the best diagnostic equipment/tools ever made in our opinion, We just received their 3C Intelligent Induction Cleaner this week. This machine is a carbon deposit eliminator! Short of removing the intake manifold and walnut blasting the intake valves, you really can’t get cleaner than this. In addition it cleans the entire induction system, pistons, and spark plugs. If you are a GDI owner, call us before you have your intake removed for cleaning. We guarantee results with before and after pictures, and we can save you a lot of $$$.

    Most vehicles (GDI or Port Injected) experience a slow progressive decline in performance over the years. Mileage falls off, power declines, and sometimes the customer does not even realize it! We can make your car run like new! With modern day complex engine designs, stringent oil requirements, and array of different fuels additives in our fuel…this service is an imperative maintenance item.

  4. Tyler Cathers Island Sport Works

    The ATS 3C machine is revolutionary. It has immensely decreased the carbon repair time on vehicles we get that need carbon removal. The problem of purchasing a vehicle equipped with GDI has been solved by the invention of the 3C system. We use the 3C a lot with great results! We really appreciate everything ATS has done in helping the automotive industry.

  5. Jeremy Robertson Christian Brothers Automotive

    Impressive cleaning results start to finish. After cleaning borescope results are excellent, no more carbon.

  6. Brian Skay Skay Automotive Service Inc.

    We have used the 3C on many vehicles. The 3C is very easy to use while offering excellent results. It is amazing to see the performance difference in the vehicle after cleaning with the 3C. You can actually see the carbon blowing out the exhaust pipe in the form of smoke. Many shops in Iowa have called us to see where we purchased the 3C. This is because they have heard what a great system it is. Word of mouth has created lots of sub-let work for us. We are extremely happy with the results that that the 3C machine provides.

  7. Tom Rayk

    The ATS 3C machine works very well. It removes carbon and restores the power and response to the vehicle engine. This system is easy to use and provides great results. Our students using the system for the first time are able to do so with no problem. We are very happy with the 3C machine.

  8. David Wostarek Northwest Imports

    The 3C is very easy to use, and works great.

  9. Robert Wieczrak G&M Automotive

    The 3C does a great job. We had a customer with a MINI Cooper whose engine was missing on the #2 cylinder. We used a borescope and determined the engine had extensive carbon in the intake system. The #2 cylinder had a large piece of carbon holding the valve open causing a low compression reading. We decided to try the 3C system on this vehicle, to our amazement it removed the carbon from the induction system and restored the #2 cylinder compression

  10. Robert Reynolds Pueblo Tires & Service in Weslaco, Texas

    We picked up a 3C machine from ATS Carbon Clean after seeing some examples at the show and we have not been disappointed! They recommend using the 3C machine as preventative as well as when the engine has heavy carbon built up on the valves. Cleanings take about 15 -20 minutes and is done with the engine running. The difference between anything store bought such as CRC, Seafoam, BG or any other chemical is how it’s being introduced into the intake. I encourage anyone that deals with this on a regular basis to look into ATS carbon Clean. It’s super simple to set up. We also tried their oil and fuel pour-in 505 on some vehicles that had heavy sludge in the engine oil. It worked fantastic! We have recommended it to a number of our good customers since we received it and the response from vehicle owners as far as return in performance and MPG was completely noticeable. Highly recommend!

  11. Joel Leborn Joel’s Automotive Repair

    I have used the 3C system on many vehicles where we inspected the intake with a borescope before and after the induction cleaning. The 3C really works at removing carbon from the engine. Our customers have called us back after a cleaning with the 3C to give us the thumbs up and let us know how happy they are with the performance of their vehicle after the 3C cleaning. We are very pleased with the 3C system.

  12. James Richmond Bandon Auto Repair LLC.

    The best oil treatment we have ever used. This product does what it was engineered to do, it works! We have many satisfied customers who were burning oil, and after the treatment with 505CRO the vehicle runs great with no more oil loss. We are completely satisfied with the oil treatment and will continue to use it often.

  13. Sherwood Cooke Royalty Auto Service

    We have had very good feedback from our customers who have had their vehicles cleaned with the 3C system. Most say there vehicle has better power with an increase in fuel economy. Our BMW and MINI customers have told us they notice an extreme difference in the vehicles performance. Our shop has cleaned well over 120 vehicles using the 3C system and we are very pleased with this system.

  14. Frank Cerrones Cerrones European

    The 3C machine works great. Easy to use with great results. It’s a great service that we can easily sell to our customers. It does exactly what it says it does, removes carbon quickly. We are very happy with our purchase of the 3C system.

  15. Rusty A. Flake Advanced Automotive Diagnostics and Repair Owner/Technician

    A Mazda CX7 with 151129 miles on it. Owned by very good folks that bring all of their vehicles to my shop for repairs and maintenance.

    This Mazda was in a while back for the MIL being on and running poorly. One of my techs checked codes, pulled a P0304, cleared codes and test drove the vehicle to gather current data. After some extensive testing… Intake vacuum waveform, compression waveform,

    e-misfire, and some data analysis. The recommendation given to me to sell was to try a set of plugs and intake valve chemical cleaning…at that time we used BG chemicals, (excellent product) the job was sold and plugs were replaced followed by the chemical valve cleaning. The car still had the misfire and was re-tested.

    The re-tests suggested that there was a mechanical problem and should have the head removed and checked by a machine shop. The customer declined that repair saying the vehicle was not worth that amount of money.

    Fast forward to my purchasing the 3C cleaning equipment from ATS. I received the equipment and went through my customer’s vehicles to find a GDI vehicle that I could get the owner to bring me to do a free service on for my personal evaluation prior to selling the services to other customers. The vehicle that was brought to me was a 2015 Captiva with 46,000 miles on it and no issues that I or the vehicle owners noticed. No codes were stored or pending. The service was completed after getting before carbon deposit captures with the ATS inspection camera to compare with the after service inspection.

    The results were what I have come to expect from ATS, it did as advertised, which I knew would be the case. Afterward, I was thanked by the owner for the improved performance when nothing was noticed in the beginning. Funny how we just adjust to things that happen slowly over time.

    Now back to the Mazda CX7. I called the customer to bring the vehicle back in and re-tested it to see if the issue was mechanical. No sense spending more of the customer’s money that would not fix the problem. First codes where pulled, P0304 is still present, also the fuel trims indicate that there was a large positive correction. We then ran an in-cylinder compression test on two cylinders, both were almost the same representation as far as compression, valve events, and peaks variation. There was definitely a misfire on cylinder 4, but it was not mechanical.

    I had the customer’s approval to do the service with the ATS 3C if I determined that I didn’t have mechanical issues. So on with the service… Pre-cleaning data and deposit pics gathered, service completed after data and pics gathered. The carbon was gone along with the misfire, the acceleration was improved, and fuel trims were improved as well!

  16. Jason Cohen Foreign Car Specialists

    The 3C cleaning system is a great machine. This system is time saving with a great end result.

  17. Brian Martin Auto Tech Services

    We have had good results with the 3C system. This system works and we plan on using it a lot

  18. Guada Garcia IVS Imports

    I have cleaned a lot of GDI engines over the last year with the 3C system. I borescope the engines before and after the cleaning procedure. The amount of carbon that the 3C removes from the intake manifold and valve is incredible. After a cleaning with the 3C the customers can feel the difference from the engines throttle response. This system just works.

  19. Wayne Pentecost Wayne & Sons Automotive Repair

    The 3C machine works great! One of our customers with a BMW could not believe how good his car ran after a cleaning using the 3C and ATS chemicals.

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