Case of 505CRF™ Fuel System Treatment


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An advanced pour-in fuel treatment that enhances gasoline to remove carbon deposits from the internal combustion engine and engine components. This chemical mixture is proven to remove carbon from; fuel injectors, induction ports, induction valves, and combustion chambers. Carbon deposits on the injectors can cause drivability problems and poor fuel mileage. This advanced formula can clean coking from the port style injector and the direct style injector; increasing engine performance and fuel economy.

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1 Case of 505CRF includes 12 Treatments.


21 reviews for Case of 505CRF™ Fuel System Treatment

  1. Steve Lamb Firestone Complete Auto Care

    The ATS fuel and oil additives are great stuff. Using the additives I was able to repair several vehicles. I had a Honda CRV that was consuming oil at a great rate. We through the engine was shot, but decided to try the 505CRO on it. To our amazement it fixed the heavy oil consumption problem. Using the 505CRO I have fixed several cam phasers that were stuck. Additionally this product has repaired several lifters as well. The 505CRF fuel additive cleans carbon off of valves and fuel injectors. This stuff just works!

  2. Antony Zaccagnino Glenville Shell

    The ATS 505CRF fuel treatment works great!

  3. Gary Machiros Angie’s Automotive Service Center

    We use the 505 fuel system cleaner to clean fuel injectors in gasoline and diesel engines. To keep the fuel injection system clean we put a can in the fuel tank when performing a service on our customer’s vehicles.

  4. Rick Layton Director, Diagnostics on Wheels, Inc. “Solutions For Your Diagnostic Dilemmas” NASTF ST Committee Member

    Our company does mobile automotive repair, we use ATS chemicals products to fix drive-ability problems for the shops that we service. In my 30 years of experience I have never seen a chemical fix problem vehicles so quickly. The ATS fuel additive has worked well for us and we highly recommend ATS chemicals

  5. Eric Dibner Euro Auto

    We have been using ATS chemicals for over a year and have been very happy with the performance they provide. The 505CRF fuel treatment has been effective at repairing many drive-ability problems as well as increasing the mileage of the vehicles that we have treated by 1 to 3 miles per gallon. Our customers are very satisfied when we use the ATS products. This stuff works great!

  6. Simon Fares Gasco Auto Service

    The 505CRF fuel treatment is so good, its Great!

  7. Blake Bocker Shippers Auto

    Had a Chevy with 60,000 miles on it that was carboned up. We took the intake manifold off and cleaned it with another manufactures cleaning product, but the check engine lamp kept coming on. We then had someone tell us about the ATS 505CRF fuel treatment so we tried it, and it absolutely fixed all the problems with the Chevy truck. Sure made a believer out of me, this stuff really WORKS!

  8. Darren Trujillo Automotive Electric Specialists

    I have used the ATS 505CRF with great success. Our shop has had multiple engines with misfiring cylinders caused by coked fuel injectors. To our surprise the ATS Fuel treatment fixed the misfiring cylinders with one application. I highly recommend all of the ATS chemicals they really work!

  9. Mike Lambert Rock River Lubrication

    We have had a lot of positive feedback on the ATS chemical treatments that we have applied.

  10. Greg Singer (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with the fuel additive ( have not yet tried the oil additive as of yet).I put a bottle into a 99 Subaru,05 Altima and a 2015 Lincoln MKT. THE Subaru and Altima had over 188,000 miles and MKT had 302,000 miles.The Subaru engine became less noisy,felt like had more horse power.The Altima was similar but never ran loud to begin with.The Lincoln got better gas mileage and didn’t seem to go through as many gears to achieve the same speed.

  11. Stephen

    Was recommended by Scotty from YouTube. Looking forward to try this out on my 04 Buick LeSabre Limited.

  12. Ethan

    looking forward to trying this product for my 05 yaris tsport. Seen and heard great things from Scotty K on YT and reading reviews.

  13. Kevin Young

    I have tried both the oil & fuel treatments in both of my V8 Tundra trucks. The oil treatment quieted the chain tensioners in my 5.7L with 300,000 miles quite a bit, and I could notice the performance improvement the fuel system cleaner delivers within 15 minutes of driving once it was poured in the gas tank. I will buy a case of the fuel system cleaner as soon as it is in stock again, it’s an excellent product.

  14. Matt Leiser

    An option to buy 1 bottle would be nice. I want to put it in one car and don’t want to store a bunch of extra bottles or pay $300 at once.

  15. paul

    i just use this cleaner in my 12 civic lx i can tell the difference at 55mph it is not degrading going up hill when to pass someone it accelerates

  16. michael maxwell

    I’ve used the oil and fuel treatment,and my 2015 GMC Sierra 1500,161789,miles,I can “ not see “any difference in anything from my fuel economy,to running more smoothly.

  17. brian rokita

    i paid for mine well over a month ago still waiting to get said product..

  18. brian rokita

    i paid for mine well over a month ago still waiting to get said product..i’m sure this issue will be resolved.

  19. Pete

    Great stuff. Used it on a 2018 Optima that belongs to ne of my girlfriends. Talk about a tune up. The car runs so smooth after the 505CRF that you almost cant hear it running. I also used it on a 2014 Altima which ran like crap, (another girlfriend), now the car just purrs. Of course this in addition to plugs and coils. Be careful with this stuff gents. Read the MSDS.

  20. richard p schindler

    Love the fuel system cleaner worked great on my motorcycle and an old Trailblazer with 180,000 but it would be nice if you sold six packs a lot easier to pay for and six bottles is sufficient for a year

  21. David Fleming

    I have a 2021 ELANTRA with 145000 miles, i use the CRO and CRF every 40,000 miles , NO ISSUES with my car. I have only changed spark plugs once and new tires LOL once

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