• Case of 3C Induction Chemical Treatment

    For use with the 3C Intelligent Induction Cleaner 1 case includes 4 Treatments. 4 cans of each chemical A,B,& C
  • Case of 505CRF™ Fuel System Treatment


    An advanced pour-in fuel treatment that enhances gasoline to remove carbon deposits from the internal combustion engine and engine components. This chemical mixture is proven to remove carbon from; fuel injectors, induction ports, induction valves, and combustion chambers. Carbon deposits on the injectors can cause drivability problems and poor fuel mileage. This advanced formula can clean coking from the port style injector and the direct style injector; increasing engine performance and fuel economy.

  • Case of 505CRO™ Oil System Treatment

    An advanced pour-in oil treatment that breaks down carbon deposits and sludge from lubricated engine components. Sludge and carbon deposits in the motor oil can cause serious engine problems.  505CRO cleans carbon deposits from the engine and reduces problems with; sticking piston rings, sticking lifters, sticking camshaft phasers, sticking oil control valves, sticking timing chain tensioners, restricted oil screens (e.g. oil pump pick up). ATS 505CRO increases engine performance while reducing engine oil consumption all within a 5-15 minute cleaning.Improves oil viscosity. Frees camshaft phasers, adjustors and actuators. (VANOS)
  • 3C Intelligent Induction Cleaner™ Removes heavy carbon deposits from intake valves in 15 minutes – without engine disassembly.

    How it works

    The 3C system uses the industry’s least toxic chemicals for cleaning. Our patent pending injection nozzle vaporizes the chemical providing the perfect mixture of air and chemical to remove carbon. The procedure takes only 15 minutes and is performed while vehicle is running.

    The benefits

    The 3C Intelligent Induction Cleaner™ is not only used to clean existing carbon deposits, but to prevent carbon build up in the engine when used as preventative maintenance. All GDI engines accumulate induction carbon deposits rapidly. The engine should be cleaned every 30,000 miles as routine maintenance to keep these deposits from creating performance issues with the engine. Routine cleanings keep your car running just like new!

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  • QUICKLY diagnoses tough drivability problems!
  • iC

    iC Borescope

    The iC is the only medical grade fully articulating digital borescope on the market! Package Includes: articulating 6.0mm diameter probe with 3 foot long probe cable, Android adapter kit, camera lens cleaning kit, user’s manual, and hard carrying bag.
  • Helps to insert the camera into deep areas that are more difficult to reach.
  • ATS Borescope 5.5mm 70 degree replacement mirror.